Weight Management in Pakenham for Those with Health Concerns

Successful weight loss and weight management can be a complicated process even for those with no other health concerns or conditions. However, if you are also struggling with a health issue such as diabetes or coeliac disease, your ability to focus on weight management and maintaining a healthy weight may be that much more challenging. At Pakenham Medical Clinic, we help assist those with a variety of health concerns, including coeliac disease, in Pakenham to reach their weight loss goals and help promote habits which will maintain a healthy weight long term.

How Coeliac Disease and Other Conditions May Contribute to Obesity

Some people have difficulty getting past a so-called weight loss plateau due to minor lifestyle habits, such as spending hours sitting at work without getting up to stretch or walk around or not getting enough sleep, which can raise cortisol levels which signal your body to store more fat.

In other situations, however, specific health conditions or medications may contribute to weight gain or obesity. One example of this is coeliac disease, which we at Pakenham Medical Clinic know quite well. While the classical presentation of coeliac disease can be associated with malnutrition and weight loss, our doctors are increasingly seeing patients with this condition who are also obese.

Other conditions which may be affecting your ability to lose weight are hypothyroidism, insulin resistance syndrome, Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) and depression. If you have these or any other conditions you suspect may be affecting your ability to lose weight, you should discuss this with your doctor as you tailor your weight management plan. A qualified nutritionist may also be able to assist you with weight management at Pakenham Medical Clinic and suggest ways to achieve your weight loss goals with whatever health conditions you may have.

How to Manage Your Weight Safely with Diabetes in Pakenham

Did you know that in Australia, every five minutes someone is diagnosed with diabetes? There are two primary forms of diabetes- Type 1 and Type 2. Type 1 is associated with children and adolescents, while Type 2 is normally acquired later in life. With Type 2 diabetes, obesity is considered one of the primary risk factors. If you have a family history of diabetes, managing your weight may be of even greater importance to help stave off this condition.

If you have diabetes currently, losing excess weight can help to slow down the disease’s progression and reduce the need to use insulin. However, there are some special considerations to keep in mind related to blood sugar and your activity levels when you are losing weight with diabetes, so it is helpful to speak with your doctor and a nutritionist to help manage your weight loss safely.

For those with conditions such as diabetes, Pakenham Medical Clinic’s highly qualified team of doctors, health professionals, and friendly staff provide you with the comprehensive health care you need. Our medical staff has a broad range of skills and specialisations, such as nutrition, so that we can offer compassionate and knowledgeable care for a wide variety of health concerns and issues related to wellness.