It’s simple…just consult us for your travel advice!
What do you need to do for your Travel Advice?

  • Bring your travel itinerary with the exact destinations and length of time of your visit. – This will enable the doctor to pinpoint the right vaccinations and medications needed.
  • Bring records of previous vaccines – if you had them in recent years, please bring along the details of what you have had previously done if you had them elsewhere. All patients who have been to our clinic before will have all their vaccines in their health records with us.
  • Bring yourself – but not the vaccines! We have them here in our vaccine fridge.

Medication (Planning ahead)

If you’re taking medicines overseas, we recommend that you:

  • discuss with your doctor the medication you’ll need to take
  • carry clinic documentations stating what the medication is and the said dosage
  • Keep medication in its original packaging so it’s clearly labelled with your name and dosage instructions.

If you’re travelling with medication, make sure it’s legal in the countries you’re visiting. If you need to travel with large quantities of medication, it’s good practice to separate the quantity between your luggages in case your bags go missing.
Keep all your medications in the original, labelled container to avoid customs problems.
Take enough medications to cover the length of your trip.

To help avoid Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT)

  • drink plenty of fluids (but avoid alcohol and caffeine)
  • stretch your feet and lower legs while seated
  • walk around the cabin at regular intervals
  • wear travel compression socks

For more information on recommendations and requirements, our doctors can advise you to decide if the vaccine is right for you based on your travel plans.

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