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  • Eugene Perazim

    A family friend of mine recommended Dr Zaman to me in 2015 and encouraged me to try his clinic and feel the difference.

    Eugene Perazim
  • Morteza Moussavi

    There was a good atmosphere and friendly cooperative staff in clinic,and I felt comfortable in the clinic. The most important point was on line appointment and good management of doctors.

    Morteza Moussavi
  • Asitha Samarajeewa

    Thanks a lot in helping with my sons illness..Dr. Zaman is always available, he offers a personalized service and goes out of his way to help using all of his knowledge. I would highly recommend him..thanks again.

    Asitha Samarajeewa
  • Helia Clua

    Dr Zaman one of the best Doctors that I know my children travel as far as the other side of the city to see him, hes not only a Dr to us but a friend.. Thank you Dr Zaman for existing in our lives...

    Helia Clua
  • Raza Khan

    Fantastic service, amazingly friendly GPs, and other staff. Highly recommended for all sort of GP consultations, specially immunization , and other services.

    Raza Khan
  • Susan Caithness

    Very happy to have such a great, bulk billing family clinic with excellent GPs. Thankyou !

    Susan Caithness

Dr Zaman Bhuiyan

Zaman has a graduate 1989. He lived and worked for 12 years in South Africa and Zambia

Dr Nafisun Bhuiyan

Dr Nafisa graduated in 1995, she has 20 +years of experince as medical practioner in Hospital and General Practice

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