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If you are an owner of a business which is involved in rail transport operations, then you need to address and manage the health perils towards rail safety workers.

The National Standard for Health Assessment of Rail Safety Workers offers comprehensive guidance for business operators to evaluate the mental and physical health and well-being of rail safety workers. Also, this standard focuses on minimising the perils and safeguarding the security of rail safety workers, the public and the environment.

Our team can ensure that your rail safety professionals are physically and mentally fit to do their jobs well. Here we have listed the categories which are used for the assessment of personnel.

Medical Category-1
The medical assessments in category-1 are dedicated to personnel who might be harmful to public safety or the rail network.

This category consists of the following assessments-
1. Audiometry assessment
2. Visual assessment
3. Musculoskeletal Evaluation
4. ECG
5. Psychological K10 Questionnaire
6. Epworth Scale
7. Full medical examination- Vital signs height, weight, blood pressure, urine
8. Drug testing

Medical Category-2
The medical category 2 is for ensuring that the disability of personnel will not hamper public safety.

These assessments include-
1. Audiometry assessment
2. Visual testing
3. Musculoskeletal Evaluation
4. Full medical examination: Vital signs such as height, weight, blood pressure, urine
5. Drug testing

Medical Category-3-
Category 3 assessments are undertaken to ensure that the rail workers are fit for assisting the commuters. In this assessment, the health experts examine the employee’s capability of travelling across the corridor, operating under the supervision and also addressing an emergency.

This includes following
1. Visual examination
2. Audiometry testing
3. Musculoskeletal Evaluation
4. Drug testing

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the responsibilities of a rail safety worker?

The prime responsibilities of a rail safety worker are listed below-
• Railroading
• Maintenance of infrastructure
• Rail responsibilities are given through the agency

Is it necessary to assess the candidates according to CAT 3 Rail Medical standards?

This assessment is necessary for ensuring that the candidates are fit for their roles and can fulfil their responsibilities properly.

Can the rail medical test be performed before employment?

The medical assessment can be done before employment.

What is the frequency of medical exams for rail safety workers?

The medical exam frequency is different for each category-

Category 1 and 2-

• Every 5 years until age 50
• Every 2 years from 50-60
• After the age of 60

Category 3-
• Before employment
• At age of 40
• After every five years from age 40 onwards

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