HeadtoHelp has always been at the forefront to help Victorians with numerous mental health and wellbeing issues. Get all the assistance you need.

Whenever someone calls on 1800 595 212, a mental health expert will attentively listen to them and arrange any type of help needed.

Based on the type of help needed, the person might:

  • Connect for the respective existing services.
  • Get the needed care either at the HeadtoHelp hub (this can be on site or via telehealth.)
  • Connect with the specialist or for mental health services (including emergency care services.)

To learn more about HeadtoHelp or its services, visit https://headtohelp.org.au/about/

TELEHEALTH Appointments for COVID-19

Patients who have visited our doctor in the last 12 months, who are less than 12 months old or who are homeless are only available for TELEHEALTH consultations either through phone or video calls.


You will receive a call from the doctor at your respective booked time so we request you to keep your phone line free. Also, make sure you update the number when you make the appointment.

If there is a need for a physical examination, kindly inform the front desk when making your appointment. As you arrive near the car park, you will then be asked to give us a call. You would be required to wait till we check in our system before you get called in.

When it comes to video consultations, you will receive an email with a link to start your video call. Once the video consultation link is accepted by you, the consultation will begin. You would need to wait till the doctor joins in.

We request you to keep your pharmacy fax number ready in case there is a requirement of prescriptions. For radiology requests, make sure you fax or email them and you will receive a call for booking an appointment.

Kindly take a note that any paper requests should be picked up through the front desk. In case if a family member is to collect the originals, prior notification should be given to the doctor. The time slot for pick ups on weekends is between 9 AM to 1 PM.

E-Scripts can now be availed. You will be given a preference by the doctor on how you would like the prescription: Print, SMS, or Email. If you prefer SMS or Email, you will be given a TOKEN to scan at the pharmacy. Different medications will have a unique TOKENS.