Regarding Bulk Billing

Pakenham Medical Clinic is a bulk billing clinic for all patients with a valid Medicare Card.

For International students:

Students on international visas with private health insurance will have their fees covered. This is only available for the following health funds: BUPA, NIB, MEDIBANK, IMAN, and AHM. Patients must have their membership card at time of appointment. If your health insurance card allows us claim directly we will charge you otherwise you needed to pay in advance deposit for standard consultation, if doctor decide to charge you long consultation you are liable to pay extra

Due to COVID-19, our practitioners will only mark phone consultations for all the patients (excluding vaccines/dressings). The call will be conducted by the doctor and (only if required) will request you to come in for a physical check-up.

Those patients that don’t have a Medicare card will need to pay at the time of booking the appointment (fees are non-refundable).

The facility at Pakenham Medical Clinic does Bulk Billing. In case if you fail to show your genuine Medicare card or don’t have one, you will be required to pay that same day.

You will only need to pay in cash at the clinic.


Regular Consultations: $60.00 ( FOR AFTER HOURS PUBLIC HOLIDAYS & SUNDAYS $70.00)
Long Consultations: $90.00
Extended Consultations (Over 45 minutes): $140.00
Weekends/Public Holiday Standard: $70.00

IRON INFUSIONS: OUT OF POCKET CHARGED $100-$150*.(This is an indicative price only, Please call us for the exact price).  Always ensure you possess an Iron injection script and buy it before the appointment.


Insertion of Implanon : The Out of pocket charge is $30.00
Removal of Implanon: The Out of pocket charge is $30.00
For After Care (Treatment in Hospitals): Fees Will Be Charged Privately (For Consultations and Dressings)
Fees for any lost scripts, requests and referral: $5.00/$10.00
Fees for entire record transfers: $30.00(MINIMUM)
For dressings $10 onwards
For plasters $50 TO $ 100
For masks $5.00
Glue for wound $50
Removal of plaster $50
After hours, weekend and holiday will cost you more


We request you to kindly advise at the time of making the appointment whether for insurance medicals, pre-employment or for visits that have an extended duration. Based on the form’s nature you could be charged privately. Also, you will need to book the appointment with your usual doctor.

Pre Employment medical depend on the component fee are charged

Taxi medical *85 dollars

Truck Medical 120 dollars if needed extra like drug test, alcohol breath test , hearing, spirometry extra cost.

We also do Q fever Vaccination for meat industry workers.

We Provide Mixed Billing On All 7 Days

Starting from 15 July 2023, our practice will be moving away from routine (except Dr Zaman and Dr Nafisun) bulk billing and will be transitioning to more of a mixed billing model. Our practitioners can adjust the fee depending on the type of your consultation.

You will be required to pay for your consultation on the day of your appointment before leaving the clinic.

  • Children aged 3 years and under will be bulk billed.
  • Children aged 4 to 12 will pay a fee at a reduced rate.
  • Children aged 13 and over will be mixed billed.
  • Health Care Card Holders and Pensioners will incur a fee at a reduced rate.
  • Government-funded immunizations will continue to be bulk billed. Those immunisations that are non-government funded will be charged a fee.

Please find below the common fees along with the Medicare rebate and the out-of-pocket expense. The receptionists will be able to process your rebate either during payment when done on the spot or through Medicare in your bank account in 48 hours (about 2 days).

The following services will be mixed billed during after consult hours on weekends.

  • Regular Consultation with the Doctor
  • Common Injury Suturing
  • Intravenous Therapy
  • Assessment for Commercial Vehicles
  • Super Human Glue
  • Cortisone Shots
  • Bacillus Calmette-Guérin (BCG) Vaccination
  • Vaccine for Yellow Fever
  • Vaccine for Q Fever
  • Plastering
  • Plaster Removal and Cutting
  • Shockwave Therapy
  • IV Glutathione – Booking with the doctor is required to check the cost as different brands have different prices. Also, simple bloodwork is required before booking. We provide 5 different brands.
  • IUD Insertion & Removal
  • Hand Test
  • Drug Test
  • Immunisation Update for Overseas Child
  • Cat 1 Medical
  • Cat 3 Medical

Understanding Mixed Fees

Each service provided by your general practitioner (GP) is assigned an item number. Based on how complex your consultation is you could be charged for several item numbers i.e., services.

The cost of your consultation will be determined by your GP on the day. This is considering its overall duration and complexity. You will need to make the payment for your consultation prior to leaving the clinic.

You may be eligible for a Medicare Rebate. This depends on the service provided by your GP. In most cases, Instant rebate can be processed, which means your rebate will be deposited straight in your account the very day. However, in some instances where the consultation is more complex, the rebate cannot be processed instantly. In such cases, you may receive your rebate in 2.5 working days.

After you have paid the fee and received your rebate, you will be responsible for covering the cost of the service your GP provided, resulting in an out-of-pocket expense.