Alcohol and Drug Testing in Melbourne

At Pakenham Medical Clinic, we offer reliable and confidential drug and alcohol testing in Pakenham, Melbourne for individuals and organisations. Whether you need a test for personal, legal, or work-related reasons, we can help you with accurate and timely results.

Let our clinician help you with your tests. Book an appointment now for your drug test in Pakenham, Melbourne or nearby.

How Drug and Alcohol Tests Work?

You can use drug and alcohol tests to determine whether you or another person has been abusing one or more drugs or alcoholic beverages. It’s essentially a process that entails analysing a biological sample, such as urine, blood, saliva, hair, or sweat, to find out whether specific substances are present in your body.

To check for different substances in your body, drug and alcohol tests may use various biological samples. Urine is the most typical sample and can still detect most drugs hours to days after use. Alcohol and some drugs can be detected in the blood at the time of the test. Some drugs and alcohol can be detected in saliva after recent use. In comparison to saliva or urine, hair can reveal a longer history of drug use. Sweat is also used to keep track of drug use over time.

How We Help with Alcohol and Drug Tests in Melbourne

Drug and alcohol use can have serious effects on your health, safety, and performance. At Pakenham Medical Clinic, we use state-of-the-art medical tools and equipment for drug and alcohol testing. Following strict procedures, we ensure the quality and integrity of the samples and results we produce.

Here are some areas where we help patients conduct a drug and alcohol test:

  • Employment: Employers may require you to take a drug test before hiring you or as part of your ongoing employment. We ensure you are fit for work and not impaired by any substances that might impact your productivity, judgement, or safety.
  • Legal Evidence: If you are involved in a criminal or motor vehicle accident investigation, we can help with alcohol and drug testing in Pakenham, Melbourne to provide evidence of your substance use or impairment at the time of the incident.
  • Drug Treatment: For those opted for a program meant for treating problems related to drug or alcohol use disorders, we help them get monitored by regular drug and alcohol testing. This is to assess their progress and compliance with the treatment plan.
  • Prescription Drug Misuse: We help patients undergoing treatment with addictive drugs or medicines like opioid undergo a drug test to ensure they take their medications correctly and don’t misuse them.

How to Schedule a Drug and Alcohol Test

You can schedule a test with us online or over the phone if you’re in need of one. We have flexible hours and convenient Pakenham and Melbourne locations. In addition, we offer mobile drug and alcohol testing services for businesses that require on-site testing for their staff or members.

We can discreetly and expertly administer drug tests in Pakenham at your workplace or other location. Make an appointment with us right away to schedule a drug and alcohol test. If you have any queries or worries about our services, we are here to help.