Five Amazing Reasons to Opt for Shockwave Therapy

5 Amazing Reasons to Opt for Shockwave Therapy

Suffering from a prolonged musculoskeletal condition? Considered getting shockwave therapy in Pakenham for recovery? Among the many different options to treat muscle disorders, shockwave therapy has lately become a popular choice among patients.

Being a minimally invasive procedure, shockwave therapy uses a wand-like device that sends pulses against your skin to stimulate the underlying tissue and aid in healing. It’s also non-surgical, less discomforting, and used across a series of practices from urology to sports medicine, and physiotherapy.

Here’s some promising reasons to opt for a shockwave therapy in Melbourne or in your area today.

Fast Treatment Time

Shockwave therapy in comparison to other treatment options offers a faster treatment time.

The time taken to treat a particular area takes as little as five to fifteen minutes per section. Patients are required to visit for the wave therapy usually once in seven days for approximately five weeks. This is to ensure the treatment follows effective results.

Thus, shockwave therapy can be performed in less time without having patients take a day off or make any major compromises.

Little to No Side Effects

When it comes to side effects, shockwave therapy carries a much lower risk of contracting any severe side effects compared to regular surgery.

Patients may experience slight pain 2 hours following the treatment. Some can even feel mild bruising or swelling as well as tenderness near the treatment area. Moreover, the side effects may vary from patient to patient and depend on other factors like pain level, your overall health status and other podiatry issues if prevalent.

Quicker Recovery

Shockwave therapy allows a lower downtime, allowing patients to recover faster and better. The pain starts to alleviate after the first treatment session and patients can experience restored mobility thereafter.

As a patient you will be required to prolong any high-impact task for the first two days after every session. Your shockwave specialist will provide you with all the needed advice required for post-therapy care. All in all, expect shorter treatment recovery time compared to regular surgeries.

Highly Versatile

As a treatment option, shockwave therapy offers better versatility in conjunction with other procedures.
For instance, this means your doctor can use shockwave therapy in Melbourne with other clinical treatments like laser therapy to heal you of any certain diseases or medical-related concerns.

Higher Success Rate

In terms of effectiveness and overall success ratio, shockwave therapy is also no slouch either. It’s estimated to have a success rate of 60% to 80% based on different types of conditions being treated.

Since shockwave therapy has lesser chances of developing complications, its complication rate is also low.

As you can tell, there’s plenty of reasons to opt for a shockwave therapy treatment. Not only is it safe but it can also address prolonged musculoskeletal issues with ease.

With that said, are you looking for shockwave therapy in Melbourne or Pakenham? Our clinicians at Pakenham Medical Clinic can help. Get in touch at 03 5941 6455 to book your appointment now.

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The Importance of Getting an Iron Infusion Treatment

The Importance of Getting an Iron Infusion Treatment

Iron infusions have lately proven to be a great way to quickly boost your body’s overall iron levels. An Intravenous or IV treatment is a therapy that involves using a mixture of iron with different saline solutions which is infused into your body’s bloodstream.

This particular treatment works better than ordinary supplements and is far more effective than ordinary dietary regulations. If you’re suffering from iron deficiency or anemia then an iron infusion treatment in Melbourne might be the right choice for you.

When You Might Need an Iron Infusion

There could be several reasons one could require an iron infusion treatment. It can be helpful for those who aren’t comfortable taking iron tablets or in the form of liquid. Or, who doesn’t respond well to them. Iron infusions are even suggested during clinical operations such as surgeries and pregnancies to boost iron levels in the patient.

Iron infusions can work well for chronic illnesses too such as kidney diseases or heart failures.

How Do Iron Infusions Work?

The working process of iron infusions is simple. Following all the initial prerequisites, the doctor passes a needle in the vein of your arm which they then fix to a drip.

This contains the mixture of iron and saline which is slowly passed in your body using a catheter. The amount passed is determined by the doctor based on how much iron is needed for your treatment.

Iron Infusions Can Do More Than You Think

Did you know? Iron infusions are helpful in balancing multiple areas of your body’s health. Speaking of physical benefits, getting iron infusions increases energy levels and ease breathing. An iron infusion treatment also helps you recover iron in situations such as menstruation.

Based on your particular circumstances, the advantages of an iron infusion treatment could last you from a few months to two years or more.

Why are Iron Infusion Treatments Necessary

Iron infusions at a treatment facility are recommended if you’re facing an emergency regarding iron deficiency in your body. An expert medical assessment can help you figure out the right cause behind your concern and get the right therapy.

For this getting an expert physician is absolutely necessary. Whether or not you need an iron infusion or not will be determined following your check up with the physician.

Need an iron infusion treatment in Melbourne? At Pakenham Medical Clinic, our experts can help. Our facility has you covered when it comes to iron infusions with assessments for a complete peace of mind. Get in touch with us on 03 5941 6455 to book your appointment now.

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Why Undergo EMSCULPT Treatment for Body Sculpting

Why Undergo EMSCULPT Treatment for Body Sculpting

EMSCULPT has lately become a gold standard for body sculpting across Australia and it’s no surprise why. This body sculpting technology utilises an advanced technology called High-intensity Focused Electromagnetic technology or HIFEM to generate contractions in muscles. The process thus brings stronger and leaner muscles.

If you’re considering getting an EMSCULPT body sculpting treatment in Pakenham or Melbourne but are hesitant to give it a go then don’t. Here’s some promising advantages you can gain from EMSCULPT.

Increased Metabolism

The wonderful thing about sculpting your body with EMSCULPT aside from muscle build-up is that it helps you speed up metabolism.

The process helps you get rid of fat cells in the body and cut fat gain overall. Better metabolism also means you get more energy, better weight loss, quality sleep and a dozen different health benefits in return.

Quick Recovery

Did you know? More than giving you that perfect figure, EMSCULPT is used as a therapy for injury recovery too. It’s for this reason EMSCULPT is preferred by doctors to aid patients get better from certain injuries caused due to accidents.

Since EMSCULPT therapy works to strengthen your underlying muscle tissues, it significantly speeds up recovery time without you having to spend more time with hospitalizations. It’s also great for athletes wanting to start a fitness regime or training.

Less Treatment Time

When it comes to treatment time, an EMSCULPT body sculpting treatment in Pakenham, Melbourne is comparatively short and can last anywhere between 25-30 minutes. Thus, patients can come in for a treatment whilst efficiently managing their time.

A typical treatment plan usually includes four treatment sessions spaced over the course of two or three weeks. Results can be witnessed following the initial session. You’re allowed to resume your day-to-day activities post each session.


Compared to other treatment options for fat reduction and building muscles, EMSCULPT is FDA-approved. Thus, it’s backed by studies and clinically tested for better results.
So, patients can rest assured they’ll be undergoing a treatment that’s comparatively safe.

As you can tell, undergoing an EMSCULPT treatment for body sculpting can be a great choice. What’s more, it’s ideal for both men and women and can effectively help you reduce body fat quickly and safely.

At Pakenham Medical Clinic, we provide a range of treatment options and affordable pricing for EMSCULPT body sculpting and can help you get in great shape with the results you desire. Get in touch to book an appointment today!

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Yellow Fever Vaccinations in Pakenham

Yellow Fever Vaccinations in Pakenham

The Flavivirus causes yellow fever, which is an acute systemic illness that causes bleeding. When something is acute, it comes on quickly, and when it’s systemic, it affects the whole body. In its worst form, yellow fever can cause a high fever, bleeding into the skin, and the death of liver and kidney cells. Damage to the liver causes severe jaundice, which causes the skin to turn yellow. This is why it is called “yellow fever.”

Yellow fever can be stopped by getting a vaccine. Travelers need to be careful about getting bitten by mosquitoes, especially in places dominated with yellow fever. Before going to places dominated with yellow fever, travellers should get a yellow fever shot. After 10 years, you should get another dose of the yellow fever vaccine if you still live or travel in places predominated by yellow fever.

In the Australia, the vaccine is only given at places that are set up to do so. For travel to and from some countries, you need to show proof that you’ve been vaccinated against yellow fever. An International Certificate of Vaccination should be given to people who get a shot. Also, keep in mind that the vaccine should be given 10 days before going to a place where the disease is common.

After 10 years, you should get another dose of the yellow fever vaccine if you still live or travel in places overrun by yellow fever.

After getting the shot, you should get an International Certificate of Vaccination, which is a yellow card that the vaccination centre has checked. This Certificate is good for 10 years and is valid for 10 days after the shot. To get into some countries, you’ll need this card as proof that you’ve been vaccinated.

When it comes to Yellow Fever Vaccination in Melbourne, Pakenham Medical Clinic Medicine Program is an official Yellow Fever Centre, and both adults and children can get official yellow fever vaccination certificates there. As an academic centre for travel medicine, those patients who work for the UN and Doctors Without Borders to other hospitals.

The Australian government says that people 9 months and older who live or travel to areas in South America and Africa where the yellow fever virus could spread should get the yellow fever vaccine. Some countries may not let you in unless you’ve had the yellow fever vaccine. Australian government travel website   Health page, you can find out what countries require and recommend getting vaccinated against yellow fever.

For most travellers, a single dose of the yellow fever vaccine is enough to protect them for a long time, and they don’t need a second dose. But some travellers may need an extra dose. Also, some countries might want you to get a second dose of the vaccine. Visit the Department of health Victoria Health page to find out what requirements each country has. We can help you figure out if you need a dose of the yellow fever vaccine or a booster shot before you go to a place heavily spread with yellow fever.


Right now, we send all bills for the travel medicine consultation and vaccinations paid in advance by patients.  Consultation is bulked billed. Once you paid for vaccine talk Dr Zaman Bhuiyan who is authorized vaccinator in this area. He has also diploma in in Tropical medicine and Hygiene. Clinic will order the vaccine we do not stock it. After arrival it can be administrated.

What exactly is Yellow Fever?

As an epidemic-prone disease, Yellow Fever is one type of viral disease which is spread by mosquitoes. The disease can lead to some harmful illnesses or at worse, could lead to death. The ‘Yellow’ in Yellow Fever represents the yellow colour of the skin caused by jaundice. It is also listed under Australia’s Biosecurity Listed Human Diseases.

What are the Symptoms?

The symptoms of yellow fever takes as little as three to six days to manifest. Some are mild but other lead to some serious illnesses at stage two. The patient may feel muscle pain, fever, vomiting, and weakness.

Is Yellow Fever Widespread Around the World?

The World Health Organisation as considered Yellow Fever as an endemic, mainly in Africa and Southern American countries.

Does it occur in Australia?

Yellow fever isn’t predominant in Australia. However, the species of mosquito known to spread the disease is distributed across northern Queensland.

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Iron Infusions at Pakenham Medical Clinic

Iron Infusions at Pakenham Medical Clinic

In order to have an iron infusion, you must first consult with one of our physicians about your medical history. To obtain the right quantity of iron, a blood test is required. The iron solution may be acquired from a pharmacy or physician at Pakenham Medical Clinic with a prescription. If you’re coming from a different clinic, it’s recommended that you obtain a prescription from your doctor prior to purchasing your iron injection.

30 minutes following the iron infusion, you will be required to remain at the practise for an additional 15 to 20 minutes. You will spend a little over an hour here in total. There is an extra out-of-pocket expense of $60.00 for the iron infusion procedure.

We recommend connecting with your pharmacist to get pricing information on the available iron injections. We’re available seven days a week, and if the doctor approves, infusions can be administered after hours.

The risk of anaemia concerning iron-deficiency can be eliminated by taking foods that’re rich in iron.

These include:

  • Pork, beef, as well as poultry.
  • Seafood and/or beans.
  • Veggies containing dark green leaves such as spinach.
  • Fruits (dried) such as raisins and apricots are edible.
  • Cereals that’re fortified, breads, as well as pastas with iron content.
  • Peas

It’s said that the body of an average human takes more iron from meat than from other types of foods. If you’re not a meat eater, you may need to consume more plant-based meals abundant in iron in order to absorb the same amount you’d need as a meat eater.

Pick Meals That Have Plenty of Vitamin C to Enhance Your Iron Intake.

You would be required to uptick the intake of your body’s iron by having citrus juices or simply by having other Vitamin C-abundant meals with iron content. Vitamin C in citrus liquids which you may find in drinks like orange juice help smoothen your body’s overall iron intake.

You can find Vitamin C in:

  • Grapefruits
  • Broccoli
  • Fruits like kiwi
  • Tomatoes or other green leafy vegetables
  • Fruits like melons, tangerines, oranges, and strawberries
  • Peppers

Preventing New-born Iron Deficient Anaemia

For the first year, new-borns should be fed breast milk or iron-fortified formula to prevent iron deficiency anaemia. Cow’s milk is not a suitable source of iron for new-borns and is not advised for infants less than one year. Start feeding your infant iron-fortified cereals or pureed meats at least twice a day after the age of 6 months to increase iron intake. Ensure that youngsters do not consume more than 20 ounces (591 millilitres) of milk per day after one year. Too much milk frequently substitutes for other nutrients, especially meals that’re abundant in iron.

What is a Ferrous Intravenous Injection?

For intravenous, or “IV,” administration of a drug, a vein must be pierced. A needle/cannula is put into the patient’s vein so that an iron and saline solution can be administered (a sterile salt water solution). To achieve the intended effect, it is gently “dripped” (injected) into a vein and mingled with the patient’s blood to generate the desired effect.

Iron is Necessary for Your Body’s Vital Functioning

Without iron, haemoglobin (the pigment that gives red blood cells their colour) cannot be created in the body. When the body’s iron reserves are exhausted, haemoglobin levels go below normal. This disorder is known as “iron deficient anaemia” (IDA).

The oxygen-carrying haemoglobin is essential for the distribution of oxygen throughout the body. Anaemia, which is a deficiency of haemoglobin or iron in the blood, can leave you feeling exhausted and unable to carry out your regular responsibilities.

Need Intravenous (IV) Iron? Let Pakenham Medical Clinic Assist.

The most popular way for treating iron deficiency anaemia is to consume an iron pill or drink. In general, this is the initial way that the majority of individuals treat certain conditions.

In the following circumstance, iron infusion in Melbourne may be necessary:

· Oral administration of a substance that irritates iron.

· Iron cannot be absorbed through the digestive tract.

· Iron absorption is reduced due to the amount of blood the body is losing.

· Immediate iron replenishment is necessary to prevent problems associated with blood transfusions.

IV Iron Therapy: Risks and Advantages

Your physician will review with you the risks, advantages, and alternatives to IV iron. It is possible to develop an allergic reaction to IV iron, which in rare instances can be life-threatening. IV iron can be used to treat iron deficiency anaemia if oral iron is inefficient or does not act rapidly enough, or if the advantages of IV iron exceed the dangers.

Before Receiving IV Iron

In such cases please inform us prior to the treatment. It’s always better to answer a few questions as the following:

· Are you pregnant or trying to conceive?

· Have you ever suffered from allergies or asthma?

· Have you ever experienced a negative reaction to an injection or infusion of iron?

· Have a history of iron excess, hemochromatosis, or liver disease in your family

· Are you using any medications currently? (Includes non-prescription and herbal supplements)

Iron infusions might induce negative effects. Those getting iron infusions could encounter the following ill effects:

· Unwilling taste changes (e.g. metallic).

· Headaches, nausea, and vomiting are all indications of a disease.

· Ache in the muscles and joints

· Compressed airways.

· Eczema and itchiness.

· Variations in heart rate or blood pressure.

· Ache and enlargement at the injection location.

· Possibility of long-term skin darkening around the insertion site of a cannula.

· You will be continuously observed by nursing personnel for evidence of serious side effects.

What to Expect During an Iron Infusion Treatment?

You may start the day with a nutritious breakfast. Fasting is not necessary in order to get an iron infusion. Any prescription drugs should be provided as normal. You should be able to drive yourself home and resume your typical activities following the infusion, barring any unanticipated side effects.

A tiny intravenous (IV) drip will be put into your arm or hand to give iron. Immediately notify the personnel if you suffer adverse effects. Once the iron is infused successfully you will be told to follow certain protocols for post treatment care by your doctor.

What You Need to Know About Iron Infusion at Our Melbourne Practice

Before receiving an iron infusion at Pakenham, you must visit Dr. Zaman or Dr. Nafisun for a preliminary consultation. During the visit, the physician will do an examination (to determine if an infusion at a clinic is necessary) and prescribe iron injections. The treatment will subsequently be scheduled for a later time. Due to scheduling restrictions, it’s not feasible to execute the treatment on the same day of your consultation.

Fasting before the surgery is not required. Even if you have been diagnosed with cancer, you must continue to take your usual medications. Infusions are non-hospitalization-required, short-term therapies (unless there are expected reactions)

For your infusion visit, please bring any prescribed medicine and a completed script. It may be worthwhile to check with your pharmacy whether they stock Ferinject)

As you will be injected with an IV (intravenous line) cannula, please wear warm, loose-fitting clothes. Bring a book, iPad, or other form of entertainment to keep you occupied while you wait for your infusion — you’ll be in the clinic for around an hour. Throughout the procedure, nurses will check your vital indicators, such as blood pressure, temperature, pulse, and respiration rate.

The symptoms you experience could be unpleasant. Occasionally, one to two days following an infusion, adverse symptoms such as headache, moderate fever, and joint and muscular pains might begin to manifest. These tend to disappear on their own during the following several days. Iron infusions referred to be “complete dosage” are more likely to cause them.

Consult your physician if you’re worried or if side effects are interfering with your daily activities.

If you’re experiencing chest discomfort, trouble breathing, dizziness, or swollen glands in the neck or mouth, you should seek emergency medical assistance or phone 911. (000).

Presently, iron infusion is fully bulk billed at the Pakenham Medical Clinic. Please contact your pharmacist to enquire about the price of Iron injections. Call 0359416455 to make an appointment with Dr. Zaman or Dr. Nafisun for an initial consultation.

Note: We do not administer iron infusions to patients under the age of 18. Please contact our office for more details or to learn more.

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Know About Anti-Wrinkle Treatment

Anti-Wrinkle Treatment – Anti-Wrinkle Injections at Pakenham Medical Clinic

Did you know? Clinics providing cosmetic services for anti-wrinkle treatment using dermal fillers for lip enhancement or excessive sweating anti-wrinkle injections can help you regain your youthful look. Patients want anti-wrinkle injections more than any other treatment. It is quick, medically secure, and effective, yielding visible outcomes for patients.

In Melbourne’s South-east, Pakenham Medical Clinic provides reliable anti-wrinkle treatment. At Pakenham, our patients come from all across Australia including Beaconsfield, Pakenham Upper, Officer, Narre Warren, Berwick, Cranbourne North, Clyde North, Emerald, Pakenham East, Beaconsfield Upper, and Officer South, Nar Nar Goon, Drouin West, Nar Nar Goon North, Trafalgar, Drouin, Longwarry, Mount Baw Baw, Trafalgar, Beaconsfield Upper, Warragul (North), Pakenham Upper, Officer, Pakenham, and Narre Warren. Anti-wrinkle injections may revitalise your look by removing frown lines, crow’s feet, and forehead wrinkles.

Due to TGA regulations, we are unable to name drugs; however, we can inform you that two or three medications are available in Australia.

We Use TGA-approved Anti-Wrinkle Injections at our Pakenham Clinic

In our treatment, tiny muscle-relaxing injections are used to erase unwanted wrinkles and skin creases. Wrinkles may make a person seem older, exhausted, or even angry. The injections limit the continuous contraction of particular muscles, hence avoiding the creation of wrinkles.

An Anti-wrinkle injectable is a highly-favoured non-surgical shot which helps temporarily reduce or remove everything from frown lines to forehead wrinkles, thick neck bands, crow’s feet around the eyes, along with other markings. The lotion temporarily paralyses the muscles responsible for wrinkle formation, leaving the skin smoother and rejuvenated.

Numerous studies show that the injectables are also effective in the treatment of migraine headaches, excessive sweating, and neck conditions. These products may also be used to reshape and relocate the eyebrows.


Before and after close-up anti-wrinkle treatment for laugh lines and crow’s feet

Face of a female/male patient receiving anti-wrinkle injections to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and smoothen the skin. Following our treatment for Anti-wrinkle Injections in Pakenham, the patient should see a progressive softening of their wrinkles over the course of two weeks. Depending on the individual characteristics of the patient, the effects of this medication might last between three and seven months if it is administered properly.

The Procedure

Every new patient considering anti-wrinkle treatment will get a free consultation with our Australian-trained cosmetic expert physician.

During the consultation, it is crucial to collect a thorough medical history, acquire photographs, and discuss the patient’s requirements. The location and number of anti-wrinkle injections will afterwards be determined.

At the first consultation, anti-wrinkle medication may be administered. It is injected with incredibly small needles into relaxation-required parts of the body.

There may be a delay of up to two weeks before the entire therapeutic effect becomes evident.

What May Be Improved

Forehead Wrinkles

The forehead is the most common site for anti-wrinkle injections. Injections into the forehead muscles may be used to reduce muscular activity and, therefore, wrinkles. Despite the fact that these wrinkles may be smoothed to allow for natural movement, some customers prefer that there be no movement.

Crow’s-foot Folds

These wrinkles are caused by an overworked orbicularis oculi muscle. To soften these lines, injections are given into the muscle around the eyes. Typically, we manage these lines with care to maintain a natural facial expression.

Frown Traces

This treatment is the most successful in reducing the patient’s anger level. By lowering muscular activity and correcting wrinkles, injections into the frown muscles may be utilised to alleviate frown lines.

Similar to other areas, the number of units a client need depends on the degree of movement (facial expression) they intend to attain. Injections of muscle relaxants are used to inhibit the action of this muscle. This reduces the dimples and wrinkles on the chin, enabling it to stretch organically.

The most often-requested anti-wrinkle injectable sites are:

  • Crow’s Feet
  • Forehead Creases
  • Frown Marks

If you are inexperienced with cosmetic injectables and unclear of how many units are required to get the desired look, our cosmetic professionals will guide you during your session.

PREFRONTAL LINES, UNITS 8 TO 14 (May vary as per individual.)

Reduce the appearance of wrinkles on the forehead.

20 to 30 FROWN LINE UNITS (May vary as per individual.)

To mend and smooth creases between the eyebrows

12 to 24 UNITS CROW’S FEET (May vary as per individual.)

Appropriate for repairing wrinkles around the eye corners.

Possible Repercussions

Insufficient medication will not provide the intended result (It must be individually determined, depending on the problem the patient is attempting to correct, their age, skin laxity and expression used).

There is a chance of bruising, but it fades with time and may be covered with clothes.

Injection Discomfort

If you discontinue use, your wrinkle load will return to its pre-treatment level. You will grow used to the look of your wrinkles as a result of using anti-wrinkle treatments.


We may suggest repeating your treatment every four to six months in order to maintain the overall impact. However, client situations might differ, and we will provide recommendations based on your skin type and age range.


  • Maximize facial motion for thirty minutes after therapy.
  • Avoid horizontal positions for four hours.
  • Avoid physical activity for 24 hours
  • Avoid rubbing or massaging the treated region for roughly 24 hours after the procedure.
  • Avoid facial treatments for up to 48 hours after receiving anti-wrinkle therapy.
  • Treatments for48 hours post treatment
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Personalised Treatments for Type 1 & Type 2 Diabetes

According to the CDC, 463 million adults suffer from diabetes and these numbers are increasing at an alarming rate every day.

Prevention is better than cure and hence everyone must maintain a healthy lifestyle and avoid habits that might trigger these types of cardiovascular diseases.

Pakenham Clinic is one of the most efficient medical practices that caters to every age group with doctors that are well trained and facilities to record, encrypt, and securely back up all activities.

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Health experts and seek guidance on building strong immunity

As the world tries to surf its way through Covid-19 pandemic, we at Pakenham Medical Centre address everyone to focus on building a strong immunity through a balanced diet, routine exercise and strict hygiene. This can not only save you from viruses and bacteria, but will also help you to stay away from number of other ailments.

You can consult with our health experts and seek guidance on building strong immunity.

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Connect with us to manage kidney disease in an effective manner

Kidney disease is a severe ailment that can impair your quality of life and also create life-threatening complications. However, detecting the disease in its early stage and seeking proper treatment helps you to manage the health issues.

So, if you experience symptoms like tiredness, itchy skin, trouble sleeping or foamy urine, then connect with Pakenham Medical Centre right away and get immediate medical help.

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Early Diagnosis and Timely Treatment Can Help In Managing Pulmonary

Early diagnosis and timely treatment can help in managing pulmonary embolism effectively and stopping it from growing adverse.

Pulmonary embolism is a serious health condition which takes place if a blood clot blocks an artery in the lung. This condition can be prevented by making simple lifestyle changes like staying active, drinking lots of fluid and regular exercises.

Also, early diagnosis and timely treatment can help in managing the condition effectively and stopping it from growing adverse. At Pakenham Medical Centre, our doctors are always ready to assist you with preventive and curative treatments and advice. 
So in case you experience shortness of breath or pain in chest, then schedule your appointment with our experts right away.

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