Our Medical Centre in Lakeside Staffs Doctors and a GP That Focuses on Treating the Whole Family

A GP in Lakeside is a necessity when it comes to treating any chronic disease. Our medical centre in Lakeside puts together a comprehensive plan to prevent or treat the consequences of ailments such as asthma, diabetes or renal impairment. We understand that these are serious conditions that require hands-on attention not only to maintain your everyday life but to preserve your health in the future.

The staff at Pakenham Medical Clinic are highly-trained, addressing issues associated with chronic diseases. For our doctors in Lakeside to put together a treatment plan, the first step is to determine the best management plan for your condition. Someone that has a terminal or chronic medical condition is eligible for our GP Management Plan service. When you have a condition that has lasted for longer than six months, you are diagnosed as having a chronic disorder. This plan sets out the best course of action to treat your ailment based on a full assessment of your health including your past medical history.

For more severe cases that require complex care, patients take part in not only our GP Management Plan but our Team Care Arrangements. This form of treatment ensures that you receive nothing but the best care from a collaboration of medical professionals at our medical centre in Lakeside. If you need more than a GP in Lakeside, why not pay us a visit?

Our team comprises experienced specialists in the fields of not only general practice, but also psychology and counselling. Whatever your psychological needs, or difficulties in life – we are here to help you. Our team of doctors in Lakeside includes vastly experienced specialists in the fields of psychology and counselling.

We bring you a comprehensive service under one roof including:

  • Weight loss and the need to increase muscle mass, sports nutrition and recovery: We can assist with nutrition advice or refer you to Dieticians and Exercise Physiologists when the need arises
  • Low energy or chronic fatigue: Our nutrition advice may be what you need for these complaints, or we can advise you on lifestyle choices or make further recommendations pertaining to your individual requirements
  • Digestive discomfort: The root of this complaint may have several origins, let us assist you in clarifying a suitable treatment regime for you
  • Women’s Health: Visit us for anti-natal care, family planning, pap smears, IUD insertion or removal, help with pregnancy and conception and related services

In addition to our comprehensive health service and GP in Lakeside, we bulk-bill all adult, children under the age of 16, healthcare card, pension card holders and department of vet affair invoices for your added convenience.

Our caring and compassionate doctors in Lakeside work with you to tend to all the concerns associated with your chronic disease and other routine or more serious conditions. We cater to the entire family and look forward to welcoming you into our care. To schedule an appointment, contact our office at 03 5941 6455 or use our contact page for more ways to reach us.