Doctor at Bulk Billing Clinic near Berwick offers Cosmetic Medical Treatments

At some point, we all look in the mirror and notice the signs of ageing. We get tiny wrinkles around our eyes and lips, and our skin might begin to sag. Some believe the only way to deal with the issue of an ageing face is plastic surgery, but there are plenty of non-surgical options available that can soften wrinkles and tighten skin, leaving you looking and feeling younger. Pakenham Medical Clinic is a bulk billing clinic near Berwick offering non-surgical cosmetic medicine to patients.

What are the Cosmetic Medicine Procedures Offered?

Anti-wrinkle treatments are mainly used by doctors near Berwick for treating the upper part of your face.  If forehead lines are staring back at you when you look in the mirror, wrinkle relaxing injections might be just what you are seeking. These treatments have been used for over thirty years to soften lines and wrinkles and have very little risk and no recovery time. Injections have been used to treat millions of patients and are the most popular form of non-surgical treatment all over the world. Anti-wrinkle injections work by relaxing the muscle that causes overlying wrinkles to form and can be used around the eyes, the forehead, and in between eyebrows. It’s a painless option for erasing years from your face.

If you have narrow lips or sunken cheeks and would like them to appear fuller, dermal filler treatments might be what you need. The doctor can use injections to enhance cheeks, add fullness to the lips, and contour the bridge of your nose. Dermal filler provides dramatic and exciting results that are immediate by injections designed to plump up or enhance your facial features. This procedure is also useful for filling in the dark hollows under your eyes and smoothing acne and chicken pox scars.

A woman’s lips and mouth area are often what people notice first. The lips are a prominent feature, and many women want them to appear plumper and fuller. Lip augmentation is a non-surgical technique that will do just that. Our doctors near Berwick at the Pakenham Medical Clinic advocate for soft, sensuous lips in harmony with your looks, but consider the overall effect you are trying to achieve before performing procedures.

Contact a Doctor near Berwick for Your Cosmetic Needs

If you’re looking for a bulk billing doctor near Berwick that will perform medical cosmetic procedures, give us a call today. We offer free first-time appointments where we can design a treatment plan to fit your needs, and we can often get started on the first visit. We are a medical clinic near Berwick that cares about our patients, their privacy, and their rights and we believe in courteous, professional, friendly service. Remember when looking for someone to perform cosmetic treatments that it should not be obvious you’ve undergone a procedure. Subtlety is the key to successful results. Our team is committed to giving you excellent results, so you feel better about yourself, and look and feel younger.