Why it helps to have your own GP

A General Practitioner (also known as GP) plays a crucial role in looking after patients by visiting their homes. GPs treat patients suffering with chronic illness and are generally the first point of contact for anyone with a physical or mental health problem. Depending on the examination and diagnosis, a GP discusses the treatment option with the patient in order to develop a treatment plan. Alternatively, GPs can also advice the patient to conduct further tests to confirm a diagnosis. These tests may include x-rays, blood tests or further investigations by specialists.

Pakenham Medical Clinic is a reliable clinic where you get in touch with reliable GP near Officer. Read on to know how a General Practitioner can help you in the hour of difficulty.

How does a General Practitioner help you?

  • One important part of a general practitioner’s work is prescribing preventative medicine and health promotion. This includes child immunisations and smoking cessation. Also, a GP might advise patients on lifestyle changes during consultation, this playing a vital role in safeguarding vulnerable kids and adults.
  • GPs consult and treat patients of all ages, from newborn babies to elderly people. Usually, patients prefer to consult with one GP over a long period of time, which also helps the GP become familiar with their health history, and what medication would be more effective for them. The other benefit of this long-term relationship is also the trust that develops about the doctor, which makes it easier to seek consultation about any health issues, without feeling hesitant.
  • GPs play a vital role in treating patients with severe problems, chronic diseases, as well as those with multiple health conditions. In case of cardiovascular, metabolic and respiratory diseases and mental health problems, a general practitioner’s consultation and treatment becomes very crucial.

In a nutshell, you must be connected with a GP who can be accessible to you at any case of emergency.

Pakenham Medical as Your GP near Officer

Pakenham Medical Centre has been in practice as one of the trusted GPs near Officer. Ever since we’ve served the local community with reliable and affordable GP services near Officer and surrounding areas.
There’s nothing we do best than help you address your concerns around the clock. Housing internationally-recognised doctors and staff, our entire team makes sure they’re available to serve you as and when needed, 7 days a week for any personalised healthcare services.

Our practice is conveniently located around Officer and uses the best in medical diagnostics technology and a range of other modern tools. If you’re in Officer and feel the need to consult a GP on a regular or emergency basis, just give us a call over the phone to book your appointment.

At Pakenham Medical Centre, you will be in touch with a reliable GP near Officer. More than this, you will be able to get some more benefits which are given below –

  • You will get a doctor who knows you-

By seeing a regular GP, it means they can get familiar with you. When a regular doctor treats you and your family, they are accustomed to your medical history and thus can provide treatment which works the best for you.

  • You get a doctor who is an expert on general health care-

A regular GP is well positioned to help you with the several physical and mental symptoms which can arise throughout your life.

  • You get expert advice on preventative health-

Your GP can be a major resource in giving advice for preventive actions to ensure that you can live a healthy lifestyle.

  • You will get coordinated care-

Your GP is the main person who is responsible for coordinating your care if your condition requires involvement of other health professionals.


When can I visit a GP during weekends?

Our GPs are available on Saturdays and Sundays in between 9 AM to 6 PM.

Do you also take telehealth appointments?

Yes. Patients that want to have telehealth consultations can book a session with our GPs either over voice or video calls. Simply book an appointment with us for telehealth by dailing (03) 5941 6455.

Are you a GP near me?

Pakenham Medical Clinic serves nearby major locations in Melbourne including Officer and others so it’s most likely we will have a clinic nearby. For more information on locations, please visit our page or get in touch with us to learn more.

So, if you are looking for a reliable and accessible GP close to Officer, then contact Pakenham Medical Clinic and schedule your appointment now.