Looking for a Medical Centre with Bulk Billing Doctors near Officer?

Are you looking for a new doctor in Officer? Maybe you’ve just moved to the area or are starting a family. Perhaps you’ve been recommended by a friend. Whatever the reason you’re looking for a doctor near Officer, the Pakenham Medical Clinic is here to serve you. We provide general medical care and wellbeing advice and deal with chronic conditions and minor surgery as well.

What Services Does Pakenham Medical Clinic Offer to residents in Officer?

We are bulk billing doctors in Officer providing comprehensive care to all ages. We believe in providing each patient with exceptional health care from a compassionate team of dedicated professionals. Our multicultural, internationally trained male and female doctors offer general medical care, focusing on mental health, travel medicine, dermatology/skin checks, women’s and men’s health issues, chronic disease, and aged care. We rely on both our in-house allied health team and a local network of various allied health practitioners to provide a holistic longitudinal model of care. We firmly believe that maintaining your health and wellbeing throughout your lifetime via exercise, diet, preventative health care, and sleep management are key, as well as treating mental health issues and finding ways to relax and unwind.

Our general medicine areas would also include vaccinations, accident and emergencies, suturing and plastering, cancer prevention and early detection, and alcohol and drug misuse. We also offer industrial health, pre-employment medicals, drivers medicals, mining medicals, and cosmetic medicine. Whatever your health needs are, we can help.

What to Expect on Your First Visit to a Doctor near Officer

Establishing a doctor in the Office area for your family or just starting out with a new clinic can be an anxious time. Rest assured that we’d like to make this time as worry free as possible. If you’d like to visit our bulk billing medical clinic near Officer, we offer free first-time appointments so you can meet the staff and get comfortable with us.

The focus of your initial appointment at our medical clinic will be to establish care. It will consist of an examination and a review of your treatment options. Sometimes we can start treatment the same day as your first consultation. If you have a complicated medical history or a treatment plan, you will need an evaluation during the initial appointment, and then we will schedule a second visit on a different day to begin treatment.

Please bring any x-rays you have already had and a list of medications that you currently use with you to the medical clinic near Officer at the time of your first consultation. If you have health insurance, please complete all necessary forms, and have them ready when you check in. Being prepared saves time and will allow us to help you process claims.

Our Medical Clinic proudly serves as bulk billing doctors near Officer dedicated to providing quality care for all patients and demonstrating respect for each patient’s rights. We are in the heart of Pakenham near Melbourne. Because we are in a shopping centre, we have ample parking available. Give us a call today, or schedule your appointment online. We look forward to providing you with friendly, comfortable, professional care.