Yellow Fever Vaccinations in Pakenham

The Flavivirus causes yellow fever, which is an acute systemic illness that causes bleeding. When something is acute, it comes on quickly, and when it’s systemic, it affects the whole body. In its worst form, yellow fever can cause a high fever, bleeding into the skin, and the death of liver and kidney cells. Damage to the liver causes severe jaundice, which causes the skin to turn yellow. This is why it is called “yellow fever.”

Yellow fever can be stopped by getting a vaccine. Travelers need to be careful about getting bitten by mosquitoes, especially in places dominated with yellow fever. Before going to places dominated with yellow fever, travellers should get a yellow fever shot. After 10 years, you should get another dose of the yellow fever vaccine if you still live or travel in places predominated by yellow fever.

In the Australia, the vaccine is only given at places that are set up to do so. For travel to and from some countries, you need to show proof that you’ve been vaccinated against yellow fever. An International Certificate of Vaccination should be given to people who get a shot. Also, keep in mind that the vaccine should be given 10 days before going to a place where the disease is common.

After 10 years, you should get another dose of the yellow fever vaccine if you still live or travel in places overrun by yellow fever.

After getting the shot, you should get an International Certificate of Vaccination, which is a yellow card that the vaccination centre has checked. This Certificate is good for 10 years and is valid for 10 days after the shot. To get into some countries, you’ll need this card as proof that you’ve been vaccinated.

When it comes to Yellow Fever Vaccination in Melbourne, Pakenham Medical Clinic Medicine Program is an official Yellow Fever Centre, and both adults and children can get official yellow fever vaccination certificates there. As an academic centre for travel medicine, those patients who work for the UN and Doctors Without Borders to other hospitals.

The Australian government says that people 9 months and older who live or travel to areas in South America and Africa where the yellow fever virus could spread should get the yellow fever vaccine. Some countries may not let you in unless you’ve had the yellow fever vaccine. Australian government travel website   Health page, you can find out what countries require and recommend getting vaccinated against yellow fever.

For most travellers, a single dose of the yellow fever vaccine is enough to protect them for a long time, and they don’t need a second dose. But some travellers may need an extra dose. Also, some countries might want you to get a second dose of the vaccine. Visit the Department of health Victoria Health page to find out what requirements each country has. We can help you figure out if you need a dose of the yellow fever vaccine or a booster shot before you go to a place heavily spread with yellow fever.


Right now, we send all bills for the travel medicine consultation and vaccinations paid in advance by patients.  Consultation is bulked billed. Once you paid for vaccine talk Dr Zaman Bhuiyan who is authorized vaccinator in this area. He has also diploma in in Tropical medicine and Hygiene. Clinic will order the vaccine we do not stock it. After arrival it can be administrated.

What exactly is Yellow Fever?

As an epidemic-prone disease, Yellow Fever is one type of viral disease which is spread by mosquitoes. The disease can lead to some harmful illnesses or at worse, could lead to death. The ‘Yellow’ in Yellow Fever represents the yellow colour of the skin caused by jaundice. It is also listed under Australia’s Biosecurity Listed Human Diseases.

What are the Symptoms?

The symptoms of yellow fever takes as little as three to six days to manifest. Some are mild but other lead to some serious illnesses at stage two. The patient may feel muscle pain, fever, vomiting, and weakness.

Is Yellow Fever Widespread Around the World?

The World Health Organisation as considered Yellow Fever as an endemic, mainly in Africa and Southern American countries.

Does it occur in Australia?

Yellow fever isn’t predominant in Australia. However, the species of mosquito known to spread the disease is distributed across northern Queensland.