Why Undergo EMSCULPT Treatment for Body Sculpting

EMSCULPT has lately become a gold standard for body sculpting across Australia and it’s no surprise why. This body sculpting technology utilises an advanced technology called High-intensity Focused Electromagnetic technology or HIFEM to generate contractions in muscles. The process thus brings stronger and leaner muscles.

If you’re considering getting an EMSCULPT body sculpting treatment in Pakenham or Melbourne but are hesitant to give it a go then don’t. Here’s some promising advantages you can gain from EMSCULPT.

Increased Metabolism

The wonderful thing about sculpting your body with EMSCULPT aside from muscle build-up is that it helps you speed up metabolism.

The process helps you get rid of fat cells in the body and cut fat gain overall. Better metabolism also means you get more energy, better weight loss, quality sleep and a dozen different health benefits in return.

Quick Recovery

Did you know? More than giving you that perfect figure, EMSCULPT is used as a therapy for injury recovery too. It’s for this reason EMSCULPT is preferred by doctors to aid patients get better from certain injuries caused due to accidents.

Since EMSCULPT therapy works to strengthen your underlying muscle tissues, it significantly speeds up recovery time without you having to spend more time with hospitalizations. It’s also great for athletes wanting to start a fitness regime or training.

Less Treatment Time

When it comes to treatment time, an EMSCULPT body sculpting treatment in Pakenham, Melbourne is comparatively short and can last anywhere between 25-30 minutes. Thus, patients can come in for a treatment whilst efficiently managing their time.

A typical treatment plan usually includes four treatment sessions spaced over the course of two or three weeks. Results can be witnessed following the initial session. You’re allowed to resume your day-to-day activities post each session.


Compared to other treatment options for fat reduction and building muscles, EMSCULPT is FDA-approved. Thus, it’s backed by studies and clinically tested for better results.
So, patients can rest assured they’ll be undergoing a treatment that’s comparatively safe.

As you can tell, undergoing an EMSCULPT treatment for body sculpting can be a great choice. What’s more, it’s ideal for both men and women and can effectively help you reduce body fat quickly and safely.

At Pakenham Medical Clinic, we provide a range of treatment options and affordable pricing for EMSCULPT body sculpting and can help you get in great shape with the results you desire. Get in touch to book an appointment today!