In Pakenham, Bulk Billing Doctors are Available for a Wide Range of Medical Services

In your mail today you received another bill for a recent doctor’s appointment. You were shocked by the balance you owed! Even with your Medicare plan, it seems you are constantly required to pay unforeseen, additional expenses. On your retirement budget, every dollar counts for you and your wife. You find it incredibly frustrating to continuously spending money on doctor’s visits.

When you make an appointment at Pakenham Medical Clinic, you can stop worrying about added medical costs. In Pakenham, bulk billing by our doctors eliminates co-pays and fees. We want you to receive the healthcare you need, without the stress of additional bills.

When you come to our centre in Pakenham, bulk billing for doctor’s appointments cover a vast range of services. We want your healthcare to be all-inclusive so that you will feel your best. You will have access to general practice, minor surgical procedures, sports injuries, mental health, and more.

Sometimes, patients are surprised and very disappointed to find that their health plans only cover minimal care. With Pakenham bulk billing for doctor’s services, you will have access to a multitude of treatments. As a Medicare cardholder, there will be no additional fees.

You have worked hard your entire life. With our bulk billing, spend less on the care that’ll keep you healthy for the adventures you’re planning. It’s time to put those previous co-pays toward something a little more fun – like a well-earned vacation!