What is a repeat prescription?

 It is long term, regular medication prescribed by your doctor; as such it will be added to your prescription slip and monitored on a regular basis by your doctor or a nurse. Any other medication prescribed for acute problems CANNOT be prescribed on the same basis.If the medication that you are requesting is not on your repeat prescription slip, then the dispensers will not be able to issue it, until you have been seen by a doctor.

 A hospital script can only be dispensed after the doctor has checked it providing it is for medication that he feels he can take responsibility for.Our staff will do their utmost to provide you with the best possible care and treatment. Your treatment and recovery is a partnership in which patients and carers play a vital role.

We process the way you request your online prescriptions to a safer and more efficient system.

Please understand:

  1.  Doctors require 48hours notice. If you require the script sooner, please make appointment with a Doctor
  2.  There are a number of administrative steps required for a repeat prescription.
  3.  A repeat prescription request does not guarantee that a script will be written for you.
  4.  All requests are considered by a Doctor and a decision is then made as to whether this repeat request is appropriate for your health care needs.