Take a step ahead to spread awareness about ovarian cancer and make a huge

Ovarian cancer is a type of cancer that starts forming in the ovaries and then spreads in the body. Like all the other types of cancer, ovarian cancer affects the individual as well as her family, friends and loved ones.

The month of February is observed as ‘Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month and here are some steps which you can take for spreading awareness regarding this disease-

• Make a donation-
There are many innovations across the globe that are undertaken by scientists for developing new treatments and improving the prognosis of people having ovarian cancer. Hence, you might consider donating to an ovarian cancer care foundation or an ovarian cancer research foundation to help the patients get adequate funds for their treatments.

• You might join or organise a fundraiser-
You might also contribute by starting a public online fund-raiser for helping patients with ovarian cancer to seek proper treatment. Also, you can volunteer for a non-profit organisation that works for this cause, or conduct awareness campaigns through social media, website or other print media mediums.

• Raise awareness through social media and online mediums-
For raising awareness regarding ovarian cancer, you can share links to informative articles, graphics, or material published by a non-profit organisation working for this cause. This can help in generating awareness among a crowd and also trigger conversations around the issue of ovarian cancer awareness.

• Promote the importance of health check-up-
Ovarian cancer is highly treatable if diagnosed at an early stage. Hence, regular health checks become crucial. While planning your awareness activities through social media content, website or any medium of your choice; you can emphasise promoting the importance of regular health check-ups. Also, you can speak about the common symptoms of ovarian cancer like- bloating, abdominal pain, the feeling of fullness and frequent urination.

We at Pakenham Medical Clinic, urge you to take some of these steps ahead and spread awareness about ovarian cancer and empathy for patients suffering from this condition.

Remember that a simple step and a simple effort can give these cancer fighters more power to fight this disease and lead a healthy life.