Exploring Your Options for Counselling at Pakenham Medical Clinic

Many people struggling with a variety of life issues have benefited from the face-to-face therapy counselling provides. We all deal with a variety of challenges in our everyday lives, and from time to time it may feel overwhelming. Whether you are dealing with difficulties at work or school, or need help with your marriage or children, a counsellor may be able to help. If you are looking for individual, couples or family counselling near Berwick, you should be aware of the many options for therapy available at Pakenham Medical Clinic.

Does Counselling Really Help?’

Getting difficult emotions or thoughts off your chest can feel wonderfully relieving, particularly if you have been suppressing particular feelings for a long time. It is one of the many reasons that counselling has proven to be beneficial for so many dealing with challenging emotions or circumstances.

Counselling may be helpful for those with depression or anxiety, and for those working through issues of trauma or abuse. Counselling may also be useful for those dealing with chronic illness or pain or to help work through the painful emotions associated with grief or loss. Whether you are seeking counselling for these issues for yourself, or are looking for relationship or marriage counselling near Berwick, our comprehensive counselling services at Pakenham Medical Clinic may be able to help.

When you receive counselling at Pakenham Medical Clinic, we strive to provide evidence-based therapy methods which have been shown to help many people struggling with a variety of issues find clarity and peace of mind. Our relaxed and comfortable facility and friendly staff provide a supportive and safe environment where you feel like you can be yourself, without judgment or reservation.

Our highly qualified team of professional counsellors and psychological professionals dedicate themselves to providing you with the quality, comprehensive therapy you deserve.

How Marriage Counselling at Pakenham Medical Clinic May Help

Sometimes it is necessary to involve others when it comes to effective counselling. With issues related to relationships or family, marriage counselling may be immensely beneficial to improving your relationship, and to work out potential difficulties in communication. At Pakenham Medical Clinic, we provide both marriage and family counselling to those near Berwick who may benefit from this group-based approach to counselling.

Receiving marriage counselling at Pakenham Medical Clinic may help you restore feelings of connection with your partner or help to resolve conflicts, particularly those which may be due to significant life changes such as the birth of a child or death of a family member. Our counsellors will help provide problem-solving tools for how to handle conflicts as they emerge and to foster more open pathways of communication between partners.

While counselling may not be the only solution for strained relationships or those with severe mental health issues, there are certainly many instances in which this form of therapy has helped people restore balance in their lives and their families’ lives. If you are curious as to whether counselling may be right for you, be sure to contact Pakenham Medical Clinic to find out more.