The Importance of Shockwave Therapy & Why You Need It

As a treatment, Shockwave Therapy is used in multiple practices like physiotherapy, orthopaedics, and sports medicine. It relieves pain quickly and gets people moving again. It is a great way to quicken recovery and treat a wide range of conditions that cause short-term or long-term pain. Get in touch with Pakenham Medical Clinic right away to learn more about the treatment and how our assistance can help you get better.

How does the therapy with shockwaves operate?

The waves used in Shockwave therapy are acoustic waves having a high energy peak. These waves interact with the tissue, speeding up process of tissue repair as well as cell growth, reducing pain, and restoring mobility.

  • Formation of New Blood Vessels: Damaged tissue needs a steady flow of blood to begin and keep the healing process going. Capillary microruptures are made in bone and tendon when acoustic waves are used.
  • Stopping chronic inflammation. The specific Mast cells are known to be one of the most important parts of the process of inflammation. Making use of these acoustic waves could get them to do more.
  • Stimulating the Creation of Collagen: Making enough collagen is necessary in the process of repairing damaged muscle, bone, and ligament structures. In this case, shockwave therapy speeds up the process of making procollagen.
  • Dissolving Calcified Fibroblasts: A buildup of calcium in a tendon is usually caused by microtears or other damage to the tendon. For this, acoustic waves reduce into smaller parts the calcifications that are already there.
  • Pain Mediator or “Substance P” Dispersion: It’s a kind of neurotransmitter that sends pain signals across C-fibers. Most of the time, what is linked to the intense, long-lasting, and chronic pain is neuropeptide.
  • Trigger Points Triggers: Back and neck pain as well as pain for shoulders, and limbs is usually caused by trigger points. When acoustic energy is sent to an area, it releases the dedicated calcium pump. The metabolic crisis present in your myofilaments is reversed and trigger points are released.

The Problems that Can Be Fixed

To treat a wide range of musculoskeletal problems, especially ones that happen where big pieces of connective tissue connect to the bone, shockwave therapy is used. These are some common places where treatment can work:

  • Jumper’s knee. This is a type of injury or inflammation mainly being of patellar tendon that causes tenderness, pain, as well as a loss of function. This condition is hard to treat and can make it hard to play sports, even more, end your career.
  • Shoulder pain: It’s caused by things like frozen shoulder, impingement syndrome, or calcifications. It can range from a dull ache to a sharp pain that makes it hard to go about your usual life.
  • Tennis Elbow: This is a common problem that affects the general population up to 10%. The conservative treatment for epicondylitis is, unfortunately, long (rest) and involves medicine (painkillers or steroid injections), which is often repeated. Shockwave therapy can relieve pain quickly and heal the problem in as few as 5 treatments. It works over 70% of the time.
  • Heel Spur: A heel spur is type of calcium deposit that’s present underneath the heel. This is often caused by a type of scarring/burning of plantar fasciitis. One of these signs on its own or both of them together can make it hard to go about your daily life.
  • Insertional Pain: This type of pain is usually caused by repetitive or long-term activities that put stress on a certain tendon.
  • Chronic Tendinopathy: Repetitive overloading causes micro traumas that add up over time, leading to tendinitis or tendinosis otherwise known as chronic tendinopathy. They can affect different parts of your body and are common among both active people as well as the regular population.
  • Medial Tibial Stress Syndrome – This condition usually happens when “tibialis anterior” (a muscle) is put under a lot of stress from activities. Some of these activities include running, walking quickly. Mainly applicable for up/downhill or on hard/uneven surfaces. It’s also applicable for playing sports like kicking sports. Most of the time, you can’t do these things for an extended time.
  • Calcific Tendinitis: Calcifications in the tendons (rotator cuff) are a sign of calcifying tendinitis, a painful condition that lasts for a long time. This condition causes pain and makes it hard to move around.
  • Hip pain: With age and use, the cartilage typically gets worn down or damaged. Muscles or tendons surrounding the hip wears out. There is a chance of a hip bone breaking if you fall or get hurt in another way. Any such problems can cause damage and pain around our hip area.

Conditions Treated with Shockwave Treatment

Shockwave Treatment is prominently used to treat multiple soft tissue concerns like:

  • Golfer’s elbow
  • Tennis elbow
  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Quadriceps tendinitis
  • Acute and chronic muscle pain
  • Achilles tendonitis
  • Patellar tendinitis
  • Tendon insertional pain
  • Myofascial trigger points

Is Shockwave Treatment safe?

  • Shockwave Treatment is a safe treatment with virtually no side effects.
  • It was originally developed in Europe and is currently used around the world.
  • Shockwave Treatment should only be provided by a qualified physician.

Is Shockwave Treatment FDA approved?

  • Yes

What good things does shockwave therapy do?

It has been known for shockwave therapy to:

  • Takes away pain quickly
  • You don’t need any medicine
  • Doesn’t need surgery or medicine
  • Nothing bad happens
  • No risk of allergies
  • Speeds up healing
  • Helpful for long-term conditions

What You Should Understand for a Remedy with Shockwaves.

As a remedy, shockwave remedy does not harm you. It’s easy and short to fill out the form. How to begin remedy in 3 steps:

1. Finding the vicinity to be handled. Palpation is used to discover the vicinity to be handled in order that the remedy may be given accurately.
2. Application of gel: Enough gel is placed on the vicinity marked in step 1. For the acoustic waves to transport fast and smoothly, gel should be used.
3. Starting remedy: The Shockwave applicator is gently pressed in opposition to the vicinity to be handled, and the begin button is pressed.

If you have been harm and are in ache and live in Pakenham or close to via way of means of area, and need to discover if you are an excellent candidate for shockwave therapy, visit Pakenham Medical Clinic to make an appointment and begin feeling better today.