5 Amazing Reasons to Opt for Shockwave Therapy

Suffering from a prolonged musculoskeletal condition? Considered getting shockwave therapy in Pakenham for recovery? Among the many different options to treat muscle disorders, shockwave therapy has lately become a popular choice among patients.

Being a minimally invasive procedure, shockwave therapy uses a wand-like device that sends pulses against your skin to stimulate the underlying tissue and aid in healing. It’s also non-surgical, less discomforting, and used across a series of practices from urology to sports medicine, and physiotherapy.

Here’s some promising reasons to opt for a shockwave therapy in Melbourne or in your area today.

Fast Treatment Time

Shockwave therapy in comparison to other treatment options offers a faster treatment time.

The time taken to treat a particular area takes as little as five to fifteen minutes per section. Patients are required to visit for the wave therapy usually once in seven days for approximately five weeks. This is to ensure the treatment follows effective results.

Thus, shockwave therapy can be performed in less time without having patients take a day off or make any major compromises.

Little to No Side Effects

When it comes to side effects, shockwave therapy carries a much lower risk of contracting any severe side effects compared to regular surgery.

Patients may experience slight pain 2 hours following the treatment. Some can even feel mild bruising or swelling as well as tenderness near the treatment area. Moreover, the side effects may vary from patient to patient and depend on other factors like pain level, your overall health status and other podiatry issues if prevalent.

Quicker Recovery

Shockwave therapy allows a lower downtime, allowing patients to recover faster and better. The pain starts to alleviate after the first treatment session and patients can experience restored mobility thereafter.

As a patient you will be required to prolong any high-impact task for the first two days after every session. Your shockwave specialist will provide you with all the needed advice required for post-therapy care. All in all, expect shorter treatment recovery time compared to regular surgeries.

Highly Versatile

As a treatment option, shockwave therapy offers better versatility in conjunction with other procedures.
For instance, this means your doctor can use shockwave therapy in Melbourne with other clinical treatments like laser therapy to heal you of any certain diseases or medical-related concerns.

Higher Success Rate

In terms of effectiveness and overall success ratio, shockwave therapy is also no slouch either. It’s estimated to have a success rate of 60% to 80% based on different types of conditions being treated.

Since shockwave therapy has lesser chances of developing complications, its complication rate is also low.

As you can tell, there’s plenty of reasons to opt for a shockwave therapy treatment. Not only is it safe but it can also address prolonged musculoskeletal issues with ease.

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