We Are Your Convenient, Affordable and Caring Family Doctor near Berwick

Are you tired of rushing to get off work to make it to the clinic before it closes? Is it even more stressful when you’re looking for quality private care, and there is uncertainty about the cost? At Pakenham medical clinic we are here to help. We offer same-day appointments, extended hours in the evenings, and even regular hours on weekends. We bulk bill our physical and mental health services so there is no uncertainty about how much visits will cost. Our business model is different because we are different, and we feel this is how a family doctor in Berwick should operate.

Dr Zaman and Dr Nafisa are highly experienced practitioners and even responsible for training and assessing the next generation of physicians. Even without looking at their impressive resumes it is clear that you will be in good hands from the minute you walk into our facility. We pride ourselves on being a modern well-equipped and efficient healthcare Centre aiming to provide the finest Medical Care to our valued patients in a relaxed environment. You will feel an atmosphere of calm the minute you walk into our waiting room. We know that you’ll remain comfortable during your interactions with our nursing staff and doctors. Our personalised approach to care ensures that you are not afraid to discuss any and all of your concerns with our nurses to make sure you get the individualised care you need to be happy and healthy.

We invite you to book an appointment online today or call us with questions about how we can enhance you or your family members’ health. Regardless of whether you have an urgent concern or crave a true partnership with health professionals dedicated to helping you manage a chronic condition, we know that you will feel at home in our facility and with our staff. We look forward to becoming your family doctor near Berwick.