It is so exciting news that Pakenham medical clinic now caring more than 2500 patient from different area of fasted growing south eastern corridor of Melbourne: Pakenham officer, Pakenham upper Pakenham South and Koo Wee Rup, cockatoo, Bunyip, Nar Nar Goon, Drouin. We open on 7th May, only 4 months gone reached big mile stone of our clinic. Our patent is traveling form Gippsland to be seen at our medical centre. Doctors at our clinic has been able to win hearts of many patients. So many positive feedbacks from our patient which has been very rewarding to our staff and medical professional.
Our Appointment book area getting near full, we are trying get new doctor to join our medical centre. Now our clinic is open 7 days. New future we are planning to open till late 11 pm. Once new doctors join in our teat we will be able to service extended hours. Now you can see us week days till 9 pm and weekend 4 pm. We are also open public holidays. Planning to open 365 days in a year.
Last month in our team has grown, Psychologist joined in our medical clinic. Soon we will have pathology onsite and dietician will join in our team. Our doctor is taking blood on site to patient do not needed to travel anywhere like on stop service.
Pakenham is growing fastest pace ever, its fasted growing suburbs of Melbourne. We are aim to keep up the need of this area.
Finally, we would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our patients for the trusted our doctors at the medical centre to care for them, their family and loved one.