Know about the benefits of preconception counselling

Pregnancy is a wonderful phase for every couple. To make it more comfortable, a pregnant couple might consider consulting with a trained healthcare expert before conception. The basic motive of preconception counselling is improving the overall health of the mother and reducing factors that might be problematic for the conception or the conceived baby.

Preconception counselling is beneficial for identifying and treating diseases that might hinder conception or affect you and your baby before pregnancy. Here are some other benefits of pre-pregnancy counselling

• Reduced mortality of child and mother
• Prevention of complications during pregnancy
• Prevention of complications at the time of delivery
• Prevention of incidents like stillbirths, preterm labour, and preterm birth


• Preventing conditions like low birth weight
• Reduction in neonatal infections
• Preventing transmission of Sexually transmitted diseases in kids.

According to research, women who get preconception counselling have children who are at lower risks of deadly diseases like childhood cancers and also conditions like type 2 diabetes and heart disease in their later life.

At Pakenham Medical Centre, our goal is to make pregnancy even more beautiful and secure. For this, we offer pre-pregnancy counselling, pregnancy advice, and pregnancy and antenatal care for couples who are planning for a pregnancy or are in a phase of pregnancy.

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