When You Need an After Hours Medical Clinic in Pakenham

It’s frustrating when you need medical care, and the office is closed. Finding an after hours medical clinic in Pakenham doesn’t have to be a burden, though. Pakenham Medical Clinic understands that there are times where you need assistance, and a typical doctor’s office may be closed. It’s the reason that we provide extended hours and can see you when other locations may not be able to. There are times when you need us, and we’ve seen our share of patients that benefited greatly by the ease of access to care that we were able to provide. It is of particular use to those that suddenly develop acute conditions, or may be dealing with chronic diseases.

These are instances where an emergency room visit is not a necessity, but a patient still needs some help. Ailments such as upper respiratory infections, conjunctivitis, urinary tract infections, or issues related to asthma, cardiovascular disease, or diabetes. These situations are relieved by care during our extended hours. Even though such a service is vital, it’s not something that all locations do. Many still mull over whether or not it’s a good idea to have after-hours care, even though it’s effective for all. Patients think it’s great; staff love it, and doctors enjoy being able to help even more than normal. That’s why we provide this service and invite you to come in, even when you need to see someone outside of the hours many other facilities would keep. Give us a call on 59416455 today if you are looking for an after hours medical clinic in Pakenham and want to go with a group that has experience.