Schedule your Doctor Appointment Online After Hours at our Medical Centre in Pakenham

Between work and family commitment, you’re always on the go! By the time you sit down to review your day and make a list of tomorrow’s demands, it’s usually late.

Your son needs a physical for soccer, your daughter is having allergy issues, and your husband is still mentioning a knee injury from his fall a couple of weeks ago. Trying to schedule their doctor appointments is challenging. You have to leave every day before 7am to get your kids to school and yourself to work on time. You will never get a hold of a doctor before seven! It seems you’re not the only one who takes a lunch break either – the doctor’s offices are all closed, too.

At Pakenham Medical Clinic, scheduling your appointment is easy. You can book visits online, after hours at our facility in Pakenham for all your medical needs. Though we are open seven days a week and public holidays, you may still need to schedule after hours – at a time that works for you. Making your appointment after hours at our medical centre in Pakenham allows you to access a list of doctors quickly and easily and their available hours.

Our centre serves a vast range of medical needs from preventative care to chronic conditions. We want to ensure that we provide the treatment you need, and that we make it accessible and easy. Our focus is to treat our patients in a comforting and relaxing environment. When you make an after hours appointment at our medical centre in Pakenham, you can feel confident that we will meet your health care needs professionally and expediently.